Simplifying Current Account choices for customers


Too many options made product selection confusing

There were over 12 Personal Current Accounts (PCA) available to customers. Two of those accounted for 80% of total sales volume. This made choosing a suitable product for those 80% overly-complicated.


Simplify product selection and improve the mobile experience

Whilst it was important to offer all products available to customers, it didn’t make sense to make finding the right one difficult. I set out to make it quick and easy for customers to make the right choice; in-turn adding value to the business by increasing CTR and applications.

Further to this, I challenged myself to make the mobile journey a more forgiving and pleasurable experience.

The old page

I set out to make it and easy for customers to make the right choice.


Card sorting and creating new patterns

Using card sorting to identify categories

I organised a card sorting workshop to logically categorise products. This was a quick and valuable task as it ensured products were aligned with how customers viewed our products.

Holistically looking at the whole journey

I evolved the PCA journey to align with how customers viewed and sought information on our products.

To do this I mapped out a user flow that would meet the expectations of customers whilst fulfilling the objectives of the Bank (providing all product options with a focus on the two main PCA products).

Simplifying the product page and creating new patterns

After coming up with an optimised design, the Product Manager and appropriate Risk teams were happy with the fresh approach. However, me being relatively new to the Bank, was blissfully unaware just how rigid the website was: the pattern suite didn’t accommodate my simplified design. D’oh.

I was determined to get the best for our customers. So instead of making do with another pattern that almost worked, I took my idea to the Design Team and presented my idea. Fortunately they saw the value in my new designs so agreed to include it in their scope of work. Relief!

This was a big win as the patterns would not only work for my intended purpose, but they were adaptable for most other products across the Bank.


Improvements all round but application yield rates were down

Not only had I given the Product Manager high hopes, I had convinced the Design Team to implement a new pattern. I had a lot riding on this!

The first test results came back a week later: average time on the product overview page was down. Yes! CTR to the two main products were up. Winning! And application start rates were up. Phew! And application yield? Down 10%. Wait! What?